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1. DANGEROUS TOURNAMENT | Violated Heroine (Part 44)

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DANGEROUS TOURNAMENT | Violated Heroine (Part 44)

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2. BOSS BASH TOURNAMENT! | Violated Heroine (Part 45)

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BOSS BASH TOURNAMENT! | Violated Heroine (Part 45)

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3. Skeem Saam 6 - Eps 248 (20 June 2018 )

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Skeem Saam 6 - Eps 248 (20 June  2018 )

PLEASE NOTE: SABC 1 will host the 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup; the soccer tournament providing South African football fans an opportunity to watch total of 44 matches live. Major changes will be made to the normal SABC 1 schedule between the 17h30 – 24h00 timeslots to accommodate the football spectacle. Catch Skeem Saam at 18:30 ( Mon-Fri) on SABC 2, and here on YouTube at 19:00. A dangerous assassin pays Kwaito a visit or so he thinks. Principal turns to John Maputla for help. Granny gives Rachel an ultimatum. Twitter: @SkeemSaam3 Email address: Catch Skeem Saam Mondays to Fridays at 18:30 only on SABC 1. Watch the full episode here on SABC Education immediately after the normal TV broadcast at 19:00. Join us then! The exciting youth drama Skeem Saam continues, Mondays to Fridays, to focus on the exhilarating voyage to adulthood. For some of our friends in Turfloop, life has become almost unrecognisable. Coming of age has a tendency to do that to individuals and to a community. How does the exciting journey to adulthood continue?Kat overhears a private conversation between two of his close friends that transcends the friend zone. Alfred discovers something alarming about his car. Sphola finds himself in a compromised position while driving under the influence.


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Please Subscribe to The Gossip Tube for More: Check out more of The Gossip Tube here: Love is formally dead! Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have thrown in the towel following two years of dating. Here's all that we know! Another day, another big name separation. This time it's Mac Miller and Ariana Grande. Subsequent to dating for a long time the craftsmen have chosen to part, as per TMZ. The separation seems to have been a shared choice because of their to a great degree occupied calendars. Be that as it may, the two are still on to a great degree great terms and will stay "closest companions," a source disclosed to the outlet. The news comes as a significant stun particularly since they appeared to be so infatuated. #TheWeeknd #Ariana #Grande #ArianaGrande #Mac #Miller #MacMiller #ArianaandMac #breakup #LHH #Teairra #Mari #Devastated #Over #Tape #Leaking #She #Feels #Violated #Ashamed #Weeknd #selenagomezweeknd #theweekndselena #breakingnews #earthquake #breaking #losangeles #california #gossip #celebrity #fashion #beauty #madonna #madonnadance #madonnaperformance #performance #jennifer #lopez #Alex #Rodriguez #AlexRodriguez #jenniferlopez #jlo #beyonce #jayz #beyoncejayz #jayzbeyonce #cardiB #Nicki #Minaj #selfie #travis #scott #Kylie #Jenner #KylieJenner #TravisScott #selena #gomez #justin #bieber #selenagomez #justinbieber #selenagomez2018 #entertainment #elon #musk #tesla #elonmusk #ironman #tonystark #tony #stark #baby #news #female #stars #woman #trials #triumphs #romances #obsessions #hollywood #starlife #pop #Tristan #Thompson #TristanThompson #hiphop #show #social #Kim #Kardashian #Kimkardashian #Secret #Chats #Ivanka #Trump #Ivankatrump #white #house #deadline #Whitehouse #Putin #Russia #Donald #Donaldtrump #kanye #west #Kanyewest #jaclyn #hill #Jaclynhill #thereal #ricegum #nikkietutorials #hyderabad #stephen #colbert #Stephencolbert #olympics #Meme #family #feud #theloudhouse #madea #news #Hawaii #Ellen #kanyewest #kimkardashian #khloe #khloekardashian #kardashianfamily #pregnant #bump #mexico #surrogate #pics #real #babybumps #chicago #city #chicagobaby #kendall #janner #kendalljanner #2018metgala #redcarpet #metgala #met #gala #metgala2018 #red #carpet ariana, ariana grande, ariana grande lyrics, no tears left to cry ariana, ariana grande songs, ariana grande live, ariana grande christmas, side to side, ariana grande side to side, ariana grande into you, ariana grande everyday, everyday ariana grande, ariana grande no tears left to cry, almost is never enough ariana grande, ariana grande dangerous woman, ariana grande santa tell me, selena gomez, ariana grande one last time, ariana grande jimmy fallon, ariana grande impressions, focus ariana grande, side to side ariana grande lyrics, let me love you ariana grande, best mistake ariana g

5. American Gangster Season 1 Episode 6 Fat Cat

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American Gangster Season 1 Episode 6 Fat Cat

Lorenzo Nichols was one of the top drug lords in New York City in the 1980s. Lorenzo Nichols, born in 1958 in Birmingham, Alabama, was one of the top drug lords in New York City in the 1980s. Nichols controlled a network of deals in Queens, New York, many of the crew members being his close family. Among numerous crimes, he is responsible for the killing of his former parole officer and girlfriend. He is currently serving time in a New York State corrections facility. Dropping out of school before the ninth grade, Nichols started to run with a dangerous crowd. He became a member of the Seven Crowns street gang. In 1976, Nichols committed two robberies with another young man. He was convicted for both crimes and sentenced to 18 years in jail, but was released in 1980 after serving only two and a half years. Around this time, Nichols moved on to the more lucrative crime of drug dealing. He was able to get into the business through a Mafia connection. At the time, the Mafia controlled most of the drug trade on the East Coast. Nichols established a network of dealers to work the streets and the housing projects of southeast Queens and also sold drugs to other operations in the area as well. Many members of Nichols's crew were close family relatives, including his mother and two of his sisters. Brian "Glaze" Gibbs was another trusted associate as was Joseph "Mike Bones" Rogers. A friend from prison, Howard "Pappy" Mason, was also a key part of Nichols's operation. Nichols's headquarters was Big Mac's Deli, a business he and his wife Joanne took over from her father. On July 29, 1985, Nichols found himself back in police custody after a raid on Big Mac's Deli. The police caught him with two guns. The search also netted $180,000 in cash and varying amounts of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Charged with gun- and drug-possession, Nichols was able to get out on bail. He was soon arrested again by his parole officer, Brian Rooney, for violating his parole. Angry to be back in jail, Nichols ordered a few of his associates to rough up Rooney. Rooney was shot to death on October 10. He was indicted on charges of second-degree murder for the killing of Brian Rooney in July 1987. At a later trial, Nichols insisted that he never intended for Rooney to be killed. From behind bars, Nichols continued to run his drug operation and to deal harshly with those who went against him. He later admitted to ordering the murders of two people. In 1986, Isaac Bolden was shot and killed by Nichols's associates after he and a few others robbed Nichols's then-girlfriend, Karolyn Tyson. On July 29, 1985, Nichols found himself back in police custody after a raid on Big Mac's Deli. The police caught him with two guns. The search also netted $180,000 in cash and varying amounts of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Charged with gun- and drug-possession, Nichols was able to get out on bail. He was soon arrested again by his parole officer, Brian Rooney, for violating his parole.

6. Coca Cola - Ramadan 2018

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7. توم وجيري الحلقة 386 - الساحرة

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توم وجيري الحلقة   386 - الساحرة

القط والفار, القط والفار الجديد, القط والفار كامل, القط والفار حلقات جديده, القط والفار كرتون القط والفار, القط والفار القديم, القط والفار الحلقه الجديده, القط والفار جديد, القط والفار الحلقه الاخيره, القط والفار الجديده, القط والفار والكلب, القط والفار 2018, القط والفار القط والفار, القط والفار يتكلم عربي, القط والفار يا عم, القط والفار يتكلمون بالعربي, القط والفار يتكلم بالعربي, القط والفار يتكلمون عربي, القط والفار يلا, القط والفار يوتيوب, القط والفار يتكلم, القط والفار يا حمار, القط والفار يرقص, القط والفار والاسد, القط والفار وهو, القط والفار والفيل, القط والفار وسندريلا, القط والفار والفار, القط والفار وهو يتكلم, القط والفار ومستر بين, القط والفار وهما صغيرين, القط والفار والسمكه, والقط والفار, القط والقط والفار, البطة والقط والفار, بطوط والقط والفار, القط والفار هات القط والفار, القط والفار هو, هاتلي القط والفار, هات كرتون القط والفار, هاتلنا القط والفار, هذا القط والفار, هات القط والفار بالعربي, هات القط والفار توم وجيري, هات القط والفار قط وفار, هات لعبه القط والفار, القط والفار نوسه, القط والفار نقار الخشب, القط والفار نص ساعه, القط والفار نكت, كر تو ن القط والفار, القط والفار كرتون نتورك, عايزين نسمع القط والفار, نهايه القط والفار, القط والفار حلقه نوسه, نشيد القط والفار, القط والفار مترجم, القط والفار مدبلج, القط والفار مباشر, القط والفار مضحك, القط والفار مدبلج بالعربي, القط والفار مترجم عربي, القط والفار مع البطه, القط والفار مستر بين, القط والفار مترجم بالعربي, القط والفار مصري, القط والفار لعبه, القط والفار للاطفال, القط والفار لو سمحت, القط والفار لمحمد, القط والفار ليوسف, القط والفار لاحمد, القط والفار لغه عربيه, القط والفار لياسين, القط والفار لمريم, القط والفار لحمزه, القط والفار كامله, القط والفار كلها, القط والفار كامل بالعربي, القط والفار كرتون قط وفار, القط والفار كرتون كامل, القط والفار كرتون جديد, القط والفار كل الحلقات, القط والفار كامل كله, القط والفار كامل عربي, القط والفار قط والفار, القط والفار قط وفار, القط والفار قديم, القط والفار قط الفار قط الفار, القط والفار قناه القط والفار, القط والفار قديما, القط والفار قصة القط والفار, القط والفار قصص, القط والفار قناة ميكى, القط والفار قناة سمسم, القط والفار فيلم, القط والفار فقط, القط والفار في البحر, القط والفار فيديو, القط والفار في رمضان, القط والفار في الفضاء, القط والفار في الحقيقه, القط والفار فيلم كامل, القط والفار فيديوهات القط والفار, القط والفار في العالم, مهرجان القط والفار غناء سكورة, القط والفار عايز القط والفار, القط والفار عايزين القط والفار, القط والفار عاوزه القط والفار, القط والفار على كرتون نتورك بالعربيه, القط والفار على قناه سمسم, القط والفار عربيه, القط والفار عبدالسلام, القط والفار على سمسم, القط والفار على ميكي, القط والفار على اليوتيوب, القط والفار طويل, القط والفار طيور الجنه, القط والفار حلقات طويلة, القط والفار حلقات طويلة بالعربي, طول فار القط والفار, طيور والفار القط والفار, طريقه القط والفار, طريقه عمل القط والفار, طيور القط والفار, القط والفار حلقه طويله, القط والفار ضحك, القط والفار صب واي, القط والفار صوت وصوره, القط والفار وهو صغير, صلصال القط والفار, صوت القط والفار, صراع القط والفار, القط والفار و صب واي, القط والفار شارموفرز, القط وال

14. Legalize All Drugs

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Legalize All Drugs

The Harvard economist explains why legalizing all drugs—including cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine—would be a better policy than the current prohibition. Question: Why should we legalize all drugs? Jeffrey Miron: My dangerous idea is that we should legalize all of the currently illegal drugs.  Not just marijuana but cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, LSD... everything else that's out there. My basic argument is that, first, in a free society we should allow people to consume whatever they want—no matter how dangerous, no matter how much it might be bad for them—because that's what freedom means but not just the freedom to do things that are good for you but the freedom to do things that might not be good for you. Or that other people might think are not good for you.  Second, by trying to discourage people using drugs and trying to discourage the genuine unfortunate circumstances of which happens sometimes because of drug use, we incur far worse negative outcomes, far worse costs, than the results simply from the use of drugs in a legal framework.So what are these adverse consequences of attempting to prohibit drugs?  Well to begin with, we don't actually eliminate drugs, we drive the market underground. And the underground market for drugs is violent, it's corrupt, it has poor quality control, in the attempt to enforce it we have to infringe civil liberties by basically shredding the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.  We reduce the ability of people who are sick to use drugs like marijuana or opiates freely to reduce pain, to relieve nausea from chemotherapy, and a whole range of other symptoms.We interfere in other countries.  The violence that we observe in Mexico, the profitability underlying the Taliban in Afghanistan.  All those result form the fact that we've driven drug markets underground, and so terrorist groups make a profit by selling their protection services to the drug traffickers, the drug traffickers get the protection and the terrorists get profits.  So that's another ancillary cost of trying to wage the war on drugs. So my view is that if we had a fully legal market for all of these substances we would observe roughly the same set of things we observe now for alcohol, for caffeine, for tobacco, for other products which can be dangerous.  We would see a large fraction of people use them in moderation, use them reasonably responsible, with at most mild negatives for themselves or for others.  We would see a small fraction who would misuse them in bad ways but mainly they would adversely affect themselves, not the rest of society. And that's a far better balance—in no way shape or form a solution in a sense of eliminating all negatives—but a far better balance than the current policy of trying to prohibit drugs. Question: What policies should be implemented alongside legalization? Jeffrey Miron: Well, people differ on exactly what auxiliary policies they might suggest under a legalized drug regime. Virtually everyone thinks that we would have approximately the same auxiliary policies that we now have, say for alcohol.  We have a minimum purchase age, might be 18, might be 21.  Something like that.  We would have restrictions on time and place of use, so of course there would be driving-under-the-influence laws.  It might be restrictions on using drugs while operating heavy machinery and things like that.But all of that would be very similar to what we currently do for alcohol and all of that would be in a framework where overall use, the overall production, transportation, distribution, and possession would be fully legal activities as occurs now for alcohol or tobacco. Question: Wouldn't legalization increase consumption? Jeffrey Miron: It's entirely possible, perhaps even likely that consumption of the illegal drugs would increase if we legalized.  The evidence doesn't suggest a very big increase.  Indeed some aspects of the evidence don't suggest much increase at all.  The Netherlands have roughly a legal regime for marijuana—not, fully, technically legal but a far less restrictive regime than the United States.  Their use rates are actually below those in the United States.  Portugal decriminalized all drugs, not just marijuana, about ten years ago, and they did not observe any significant increase in use. In some cases there are mild decreases in use.  So it's certainly possible that use would go up.  The strong likelihood is that much of that increase would be from people who would use responsibly.  The people who want to use irresponsibly, the ones that are willing to violate the law, to risk being convicted of a felony, and going to jail, they're already consuming.  And so the increase in use we're going to observe if any is going to be moderate and mild and therefore not a danger either to the people consuming or the most part to anyone else. Recorded July 26, 2010 Interviewed by Max Miller

15. Coalition jets continue to hit Houthi targets in Yemen

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Coalition jets continue to hit Houthi targets in Yemen

Warplanes from a coalition led by Saudi Arabia have continued bombing Houthi targets in Yemen for a second day, including the Shia rebel group's stronghold of Saada, as embattled President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi arrived in the Saudi capital Riyadh. A spokesman of the coalition said on Thursday that the military operation against the Shia Houthi rebels would continue "as long as necessary". Brigadier Ahmed al-Asiri also said that "at the moment" there are no plans for the deployment of ground forces, but troops are "ready for all the circumstances". President Hadi arrived in Riyadh on Thursday, with officials saying he would continue his journey to Egypt to take part in a two-day Arab League summit at the weekend. That was the first confirmation of Hadi's whereabouts since the rebels began advancing this week on the main southern city of Aden, where the president has been holed up since fleeing the rebel-controlled capital last month. Saudi Arabia began the air campaign on Thursday night, saying it had assembled a coalition of more than 10 countries, five of them members of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council. The Saudi ambassador to the US, Adel al-Jubeir, said the coalition stood ready to do "whatever it takes" to protect Hadi's government. Explosions have been heard in the capital, Sanaa, which has been under Houthi control since September. The Shia rebels seized power in a coup last month. Thousands protest Al Jazeera received reports that air strikes targeted a reception camp of new recruits joining militias loyal to ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh - who backs the Houthis - west of Sanaa. Eyewitnesses also reported air strikes and loud blasts in Saada near the Saudi border, where a military unit was the target. Al Jazeera also learned that the air strikes hit al-Anad Air Base in Aden in the south and the Tariq Air Base in the country's third city of Taiz. Rights group Amnesty International said at least six children were among 25 people killed in the air strikes in the capital on Thursday. Earlier, Houthi sources said at least 18 people had been killed in the bombardment. Thousands of protesters gathered in Sanaa against the air raids. In a statement following the strikes, the White House said that the US was coordinating military and intelligence support with the Saudis but not taking part directly in the raids. Jeff Rathke, a US State Department spokesman, said on Thursday that the US government "understands the concerns" of the Saudis and is "supportive of their effort". Iranian condemnation Houthi leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi, in a televised speech, described the Saudi-led operation as a "despicable aggression". "What do they expect us to do, surrender, announce our defeat and act like cowards? Absolutely not. This is not how the honorable Yemeni people think. We will fight back. All 24 million Yemenis will stand united and face that despicable aggression," al-Houthi said. Ousted president Saleh also called on the Houthis to stop attacking Aden, even as he denounced the Saudi air strikes inside his country. Iran, which is accused of backing the Houthis but denies the charge, has condemned the intervention as "a dangerous step" that violated "international responsibilities and national sovereignty". President Hassan Rouhani said it amounted to "military aggression" and "condemned all military intervention in the internal affairs of independent nations". Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, speaking from Switzerland where he is attending talks on his country's nuclear programme, warned that air strikes would lead only to greater loss of life . Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's president, said that Iran had been trying to dominate the Middle East. "It is really not possible to tolerate this. Iran has to understand," he said, adding that Tehran should withdraw any forces it had in Yemen as well as from Syria and Iraq. Saudi television said the kingdom had deployed 100 fighter jets to the operation, while the United Arab Emirates had committed 30, Kuwait 15 each and Qatar 10. Bahrain said it had committed 12 fighter jets. All five are members of the GCC. There was no mention of Oman, the sixth GCC member. Saudi Arabia had also mobilised 150,000 troops near the border. Riyadh said it was boosting security on its borders and across the kingdom, including at the OPEC kingpin's crucial oil facilities.

16. Stuart Broad keen to take on 'skilful' and 'world-class' Pakistan side - Cricket World TV

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Stuart Broad keen to take on 'skilful' and 'world-class' Pakistan side - Cricket World TV

England all-rounder Stuart Broad tells Cricket World ( that he expects the upcoming series against Pakistan to be tough. He says they will be dangerous because of their skill and world-class players they have at their disposal. This video clip was filmed at Taste of London. Etihad Airways, a global partner of Taste Festivals, is the first ever official airline partner of the England Cricket teams. Encompassing England's domestic international and overseas cricket tours, all England national teams fly with Etihad Airways as part of the partnership. Etihad Holidays will have a range of cricket tour packages for the upcoming England tours to Bangladesh and India. This video was produced by video production and digital marketing company CWM Studios: Cricket World is the website to visit for the latest breaking sports news from all around the world of cricket including Tests, ODIs and Twenty20s and major tournaments such as the ICC World Twenty20 2012, Champions Trophy 2013, ICC World Twenty20 2014, World Cup 2011, World Cup 2015 and the Indian Premier League. Also offering free live scores, live streaming, betting, photos and cricket videos, cricket tv and scorecards. Cricket World has covered all the main events in world cricket including World Cup finals, milestones achieved by the likes of Muttiah Muralitharan, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar, the spot fixing trial, the Ashes as well as producing videos about cricket at all levels. Find us on Facebook: and Twitter:

17. Disney Infinity 3.0 - Inside Out: Angers Management - TripleDent Gum (Xbox One Gameplay)

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Disney Infinity 3.0 - Inside Out: Angers Management - TripleDent Gum (Xbox One Gameplay)

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